Redwing Reel Hose

The Redwing® reelhose from Goodyear® is light and flexible, even at low temperatures.

  • Inner tube: special synthetic nitril rubber
  • Reinforcement: high tensile textile plies and anti-static wire
  • Cover: red smooth Chemivic™ rubber

The double reinforcement prevents torsion when reeling

Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C


For transfer and delivery of fuel oil and petroleum products for domestic, commercial, marine and industrial service. Made to take rough handling and highly resistant to oil, scuffing and abrasion. The special Chemivic™ cover actually polishes itself with repeated use.

Ref Coil length
25,4 x 38,1 860 17 60
31,8 x 45,7 970 17 60
34,9 x 47,8 1.040 17 60
38,1 x 53,3 1.370 17 60