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The Guillemin-coupling is a symmetrical system and apt for a large variety of applications. Its success is mostly because of the form, which enables perfect and easy closure. De symmetrical half couplings are tightened by turning the locking ring a quarter when it grips behind the lugs. The ensure even more tightness a Guillemin wrench can be used to turn the locking ring even further.

On fixed installations often is chosen for a half coupling whithout a locking ring, seen only one locking ring is needed to tighten 2 couplings together.
In some cases it is hard to couple a hose. In such a situation there can be chosen for a Guillemin coupling with a locking ring, but without the lugs.

Norm: NF E 29-572, EN 14420-8
Material: Aluminium, RVS, Polypropyleen, Messing
Working Pressure: 16 bar
Seal: NBR (std), PTFE, Viton, Hypalon or EPDM

Applications: Guillemin couplings are widely used for the transport of liquid or viscous hydrocarbons, bitumen included, chemicals or powders.

Chemicals: ND 20 - 40 -65 – 100 – 150
Irrigation: ND 65 – 100 – 150
Hydrocarbons: ND 40 – 50 – 65 – 80 – 100 – 150
Powders: ND 80 – 100 – 15

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